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A Guide to Choosing the Right Tile Backer Board for Your Shower or Tub Surround

Tiling a shower or tub surround can be daunting. With so many decisions to make, you might find yourself overwhelmed - where do you even start? One key part of the tiling process is choosing the right backer board. Backer board not only serves as an additional layer of waterproof protection but also helps give your desired finish and texture a solid base for adherence and longevity. In this guide, we’ll discuss all things related to tile backer boards: what they are, why you need one, what types there are and how to choose the best one for your project needs! Read on for all the information you need in order to pick out the perfect tile backer board for your next home renovation job.
Understand what tile backer board is and why it’s important
Tile backer board is an essential component of shower niches when installing tile. Without this product, shower niches would be prone to moisture and water damage as well as cracking due to shifts or fluctuations in temperature or humidity levels. The tile backer board creates a barrier that can repel any liquids attempting to penetrate the inner layers and protect the rest of the shower isolation area from damage. Not to mention, it provides a strong bond for tile adhesive, allowing for professionally laid shower niche tiles that look fantastic and last for decades on end. Ultimately, using tile backer board will provide your shower niche with superior protection against water damage that could potentially occur without it.
Consider the type of tile you’re using when selecting a backer board
Floor tile can make or break a remodel, but if the tile is installed without a tile backer board, the outcome is often far less successful than desired. No matter what type of tile you're using, tile backer board should always be employed. Tile backer boards provide an additional layer of support that can keep tile and grout from cracking due to movement in the base floor, and they create a better anchor for mortar so tile stays in place. In addition, tile backer boards also act as insulation under a tile floor to reduce noise transfer. Selecting the best tile backer board for your installation will help ensure your tile floor looks as good on day one as it does on day one thousand.
Compare different types of backer boards and their features
Backer boards come in a wide range of materials and styles and each has its own unique features and benefits to offer. From mortar-set tile backer boards, like cement board, to lightweight and versatile fiberglass mesh products, there is a backer board option for any project. Cement boards are incredibly strong, moisture resistant, and fireproof, making them great for countertops and even in the shower. Fiberglass mesh products are flexible, can be cut quickly with a utility knife, and allow water vapor through to help movement on walls–which makes them ideal for tiling backsplashes or around tubs. Ultimately it’s up to you as the homeowner or contractor to find the best material for each job.
Tile backer board is an important component when it comes to tiling your walls and floors. It provides a reliable and level surface for the tiles which will make for a successful installation. Depending on the type of tile you are installing, you need to select the right kind of backer board that best suits its features. With proper planning, selecting the right tile backer board appropriate for your project should be an easy task! But if ever you’re confused about what type to get, don't hesitate to ask experts who can give advice based on your specific needs. Make sure that whatever type you chose is made of high-quality material so that it resists moisture, provide insulation and protection while keeping your budget in check. Now that you have come to know what tile backer boards are, go forth and confidently choose the right one that fits your project perfectly!


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