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Jingting New Court Project of Anhui China

After the owner took over the house, there was obvious water seepage in the masonry part of the entire external wall. Our company proposes an improvement plan for the overall waterproofing of the external wall. While dealing with the waterproof and moistu

Reconstruction plan:
1. The inner wall of the outer wall masonry part mainly deals with water seepage and moisture, so we choose to paste 12mm JIT Tile backer board;
2. For the bonding between JIT Tile backer board and wall, we choose JCDecaux tile glue adhesive and use anchor nails to ensure firmness.
3. We use MS glue to seal the gaps between the plates and the anchor nails.
4. At the junction between JIT Tile backer board and the ground, we use JCDecaux plugging treasure + special polypropylene waterproof cloth to block.

Reconstruction process:
1. Lay out the line and confirm that the starting point of the corner board is kept level, and at the same time, it is not affected by the unevenness of the corner and the overall appearance;
2. Jieai backing board is cut to size with a utility knife, and 5~10mm mortar is smeared on the back with a spatula and pasted to the wall. Fix the unevenness of the wall with expansion anchor nails; (Note: To realize the leveling function, we need to choose the JIT Tile backer board with a thickness of 20mm or more, which has stronger strength and hardness. Of course, heat preservation and noise reduction The function will be enhanced as the thickness of the sheet increases)
3. After the JIT Tile backer board is fully pasted, we use MS glue to treat the gap between the anchor nail and the board and smooth it;
4. At the junction with the ground, use Tecco's leak stopper to make the primer, then spread polypropylene tarpaulin, and then brush a layer of leak stopper to ensure that it is well sealed.
5. Enter the next process.

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