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DIY a fish tank

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Author : jit
Update time : 2021-01-26 10:53:20

The excellent characteristics of easy operation of JIT tile backer board quality, you can use your professional or unprofessional skills, through cutting rabbet at will, just like building blocks, you can make the shape you want at will. For example: DIY a fish tank.

The fish tank uses milling ridges to provide a firmer lap and effectively prevent the water vapor from entering the splicing joints. It also explains the construction method between the shower floor and the wall panel in the JIT shower system.

In addition, the JIT P8 Multifunctional Sealant for tile backer board is a green and solvent-free product. This product is a multifunctional adhesive with super strong bonding performance and waterproof sealing effect designed for JIT tile backer board and JIT shower system. The elastomer formed after curing has excellent aging resistance, high and low temperature resistance, and waterproof sealing effect.

JIT tile backer board is mainly used in wet public places in the bathroom. The surface of the product is a special polymer mortar, which is fully compatible with tile adhesive. Unlike other building boards, it is necessary to consider whether it is compatible with tile adhesive. In addition, the board itself has high-efficiency heat preservation effect, has an excellent protective effect on ceramic tiles, and prevents freezing and thawing caused by temperature and humidity changes.


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