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Application case of JIT bathroom system

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Update time : 2020-10-16 10:46:05
JIT Tile Backer Board sanitary system includes flat plates, L and U-shaped plates that wrap the water pipes, curved plates that can create curved decorative surfaces, shower floors with prefabricated slopes, niches, prefabricated sofas and stools, sealants, tarps, etc. , This kind of architectural sanitary system for toilets has been used in European and American countries for more than ten years. As a leading manufacturer in the world, we have been committed to the development of mature markets in Europe and America in the past. Now we have put this brand new sanitary building system Introduce the local Chinese market. 
Please pay attention to us, we will do a lot of case studies for you in the future, I hope you can understand this new concept of bathroom building system.

In this case, a toilet is installed in the attic.
1.The sloped roof and walls of the attic all use 12mm thickness Jie Ai backing board.
2.The lining wall of the bathtub uses the JIT Tile Backer board to build a built-in niche.
3.Use a 20mm thickness tile backer board plate to close the bracket of the wall-mounted toilet.
4.Use 30mm thickness tile backer board to close the bathtub.

The following is the actual effect picture after installation


In this case, a shower room is built in a corner of the bathroom.
1.The inside of the shower room uses a 12mm tile backer board to stick to the wall as a primer.
2.It is a special shower room partition board for JIT with a size of 100*1200*2500mm. The partition board comes with a built-in niche, without any keel construction work, only the partition board needs to be glued to the ground and the wall.
3.The shower stool is built in the shower room. This shower stool can be prefabricated in the factory, or it can be built on site with a 50mm tile backer board.
4.JIT linear shower pan comes with prefabricated slopes, so there is no need to cut slopes on site. There are many choices for the length and style of the floor drain cover.
5.The thickness of 100mm tile backer board. In this case, the size of the shower room is very large. The special partition board with a width of 1200mm is not enough, so an additional tile backer board is used for combination.

The following is the actual effect picture after installation

When JIT Tile Backer Board bathroom system is used in the bathroom, the advantages are as follows:

1. All products of JIT are completely impermeable and non-absorbent materials. When installing on the wall or the ground, only the splicing joints need to be sealed, and there is no need to apply multiple waterproof coatings on a large area.
2. The surface of JIT products is a special polymer mortar, which is fully compatible with tile adhesive. Unlike other building boards, it is necessary to consider whether it is compatible with tile adhesive.
3. JIT product is a kind of non-absorbent material, unlike other panels, it is not necessary to worry about being deformed by moisture, which will cause the tiles to fall off.
4. JIT products are very light, 12mm board, less than 3.5kg per square, easy to carry, only a utility knife when cutting can be completed, almost no dust when cutting.
5. When the installation of the JIT Tile Backer Board is completed, most of the time choose to paste the tiles, and the JIT Tile Backer Board has an efficient heat preservation effect, has an excellent protective effect on the tiles, and prevents freezing and thawing caused by temperature and humidity changes.

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