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Huizhou architecture built with tile backer board

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Author : JIT
Update time : 2021-08-24 16:23:59
       Anhui style architecture is one of the most important genres of traditional Chinese architecture "Anhui style architecture".
In terms of layout, the scale is flexible and endless; in terms of spatial structure and utilization, the model is rich and rhythmic, with horse head walls and small blue tiles being the most distinctive features; in the comprehensive application of architectural sculpture art, melting stone carving, wood carving, The brick carvings are integrated, which looks magnificent.
The structure of Huizhou buildings is mostly courtyard style (small ones are mostly triple courtyard style), generally sitting north and facing south, leaning against mountains and water. There are gatehouses, hallway styles, hall styles, big roof kisses, flying chairs, high walls and deep houses, lattice windows and so on. The front of the hall is called "Patio", with light and ventilation. In terms of decoration, brick, wood, and stone carving techniques are mostly used, such as brick-carved door covers, stone-carved leaky windows, wood-carved window lattices, and sacred pillars, making the entire building beautiful and poetic. As a traditional architectural genre, Huizhou-style architecture combines quaint, concise, and splendid together, and it still maintains its unique artistic style to this day.
This time, Jie Ai Company adopted a combination of wood structure + backing board to create an Hui-style architectural office area like a courtyard house.

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