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Innovative solution for light steel residential bathroom waterproof tiling

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Author : jit
Update time : 2020-10-15 15:51:03

According to incomplete statistics, each person spends about 30 minutes in the bathroom every day, whether it is dressing up or solving "convenience" careers, so the bathroom is an important building unit that cannot be ignored in every building system. In terms of decoration, the bathroom is still a special place. Although the bathroom space is not as spacious as the living room and bedroom, the family would rather have one room less than a bathroom. The importance of the bathroom is self-evident. Although the bathroom is small, it must be "complete with all internal organs." However, the waterproof problem of interior decoration has become a top priority.

The base layer of traditional light steel residential buildings adopts OSB, and the surface layer is covered with SPS self-adhesive waterproofing membrane. At the junction of the ground and the wall, it is folded and pressed in a cross-folding manner without hollowing or blistering. Then use steel wire mesh to spread the bathroom all over, pour the cement mortar waterproof layer, apply the waterproof coating 2 to 3 times, and then carry out the paving process after drying. The whole process is very complicated.

Disadvantages of traditional construction: high material loss, cumbersome construction, long construction period, large environmental pollution, and high hidden dangers in construction.

JIT Tile Backer Board uses environmentally friendly polystyrene extruded board as the core material, and the upper and lower surfaces are compounded with special polymer glue, and the glue is sandwiched with high-strength tensile glass fiber mesh. The surface polymer glue layer is fully compatible with tile adhesives. Unlike other building boards, it is necessary to consider whether it is compatible with tile adhesives. Jieai board is a 100% waterproof, ultra-light but durable tile backing board. , It can replace traditional gypsum board, fiber cement board, calcium silicate board, etc. in wet areas or toilets. As an ideal substrate for various types of ceramic tiles, it can complete the work quickly and effectively, and is durable. There is no need to worry about the deformation or the falling off of the tiles caused by the long-term use of the plate.

Ground construction:

1. Use special stainless steel self-tapping nails and special gaskets to fix the JIT Tile Backer Board and the lower OSB board together.

2. The side of JIT Tile Backer Board is sealed with JIT P8 sealant.

3. The seam treatment consists of sealant, waterproof cloth, and waterproof coating to form a "2+1" three worry-free waterproof mode, which can effectively prevent water intrusion. Our specially formulated rubber waterproof coating has a good protective effect on the corrosion of gaskets and self-tapping screws.

4. The wall construction is the same as the ground. Due to the waterproof characteristics of the board, only the splicing joints need to be treated well, and the waterproofing can reach 100%. The tiling can be completed in the next day, which greatly shortens the construction period. It is a better solution for the decoration of new prefabricated toilets.

5. Generally speaking, the waterproof basic work of the bathroom can be completed on the same day, and the tiles can be pasted the next day. In light steel villas, the use of JIT Tile Backer Board can ensure that the walls and floor of the bathroom are very flat, and the tile glue can be used to paste the tiles easily.

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