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JIT Tile Backer Board used in outdoor billboards

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Author : jit
Update time : 2020-10-13 16:25:52
There are many ways to express outdoor billboards and there are many materials used. Regardless of the way of expression, we must consider the stability of the material, otherwise the internal materials will rot and deform under the outdoor wind and rain, which will easily cause advertisements. An incident where the card fell off and hurt people.

If the facing layer of the door billboard is paint or ceramic tiles, strip bricks, cultural stones and other forms of expression, now Jieai board can provide you with a better solution to make the installation process easier and don’t worry. The board is deformed and rotted by water absorption. After the Jie'ai board is fixed to the dragon frame, there is no need to do complicated surface treatments, and you can directly plaster or paste ceramic tiles, strip bricks, cultural stones and other facing materials.

The following is an application case of a Weipai door-head billboard. Square steel is used to build the keel, Jieai board is used as the bottom plate, and the surface is painted with black and white paint.

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