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National day & Mid-Autumn Festival

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Author : jit
Update time : 2020-10-01 11:29:00

October 1, 2020 is the 71st anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of my country. As a new generation born in New China and growing up under the red flag, we pray for the prosperity of the country and the harmony and happiness of the people every day. We also witness the motherland step by step towards prosperity and strength. Experience the strength of the motherland every day. In this special festival, we celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival together, and at the same time celebrate the birthday with the motherland. The Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day meet each other. I wish you a happy Mid-Autumn Festival and a happy National Day.

Recently, to welcome National day, the company’s squares and main roads began to hang national flags and put on red outfits. The five-star red flag fluttering in the wind made workers feel the strong atmosphere of the National Day in advance, and also reflected the company’s vigor and prosperity.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching. In order to allow employees to truly feel the care and warmth of the corporate family and create a warm and harmonious holiday atmosphere, Jie Ai Company distributed Mid-Autumn Mooncakes to all employees in advance, so that everyone can feel happy holidays.
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