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Outstanding quality JIT , striving for the "wall"

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Update time : 2020-10-13 09:35:25

JIT tile backer board is a kind of lightweight waterproof and thermal insulation lining board, which effectively combines waterproof layer, thermal insulation layer, and decorative base layer. It is a multifunctional building board with convenient construction, light weight and easy cutting. The demand for quality decoration.

JIT tile backer board caters to the needs of market development and is already the best choice for "Meijia Meihu" decoration partitions, entrances, and internal and external wall insulation surface finishes. Jieai backing board can be used for walls of various materials, such as light steel keel, concrete, brickwork, etc. According to different construction purposes, it can be used as wall insulation layer, moisture-proof layer, waterproof layer, and sound insulation layer. Jieai board with a thickness of 8cm or more can be used as an independent wall. It is often used for sanitary partition installation or half-height partition wall. Lightweight, anti-corrosion and durable, easy to cut and shape, and convenient for surface tiling and coating construction.

  Wall Case  

Xuancheng·Zhongliang No.1 Courtyard 
1、Children's room

2、Bedroom partition

3、living room


Xuancheng·Jingting New Court

Xuancheng·Oriental Mansion
JIT tile backer board can effectively prevent the back of the toilet water vapor from entering the cloakroom.


Features of JIT board
Moisture and corrosion protection
Ideal for wet areas such as bathrooms, showers, SPA clubs, basements, etc. It is also suitable for external use.
Super stable
Eliminate common causes of tile failures related to MDF, particleboard, plywood, calcium silicate board and gypsum board.
Thermal insulation
It helps to reduce heat loss and eliminates tile shedding caused by thermal expansion and contraction. It is suitable and recommended for various geothermal systems.
Quality and easy operation
It is 60~80% lighter than traditional building boards of various types. It is easy to carry, and it can be cut with a utility knife, and the dust caused by cutting is eliminated.
Replace the tile leveling layer
Quickly replace the ground mortar leveling layer, wall plastering leveling layer, and quickly achieve tile tiling.
One product, multiple functions
In addition to providing the functions of general building boards, it additionally provides the functions of waterproofing, heat preservation, and tiling the base layer of bricks.
Avoid mold growth
Pass the anti-mold test to avoid the growth of mold.
It does not contain harmful substances to the environment and human body, and has obtained the Nordic SINTEF, European and American CE, and North American CUPC certification.

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