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The winter solstice is as important as the year

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Author : jit
Update time : 2021-12-30 11:03:54
"Eating dumplings" during the winter solstice is a traditional custom of the Chinese nation. In order to further promote Chinese traditional culture, enhance communication and exchanges among employees, and enrich the cultural life of employees, we will use With the theme of "Winter Solstice", a dumpling-making activity was carried out to create the warmth of "home" for employees on this winter day.

After a simple cleanup, everyone rolled up their sleeves. In the joyful and warm atmosphere, everyone showed their talents and fully demonstrated their craftsmanship.

You see, the lace method of "celery stuffing" ↑ and the tri-fold method of "leek stuffing" ↓ are each in one group.

Lifting the lid, the soup boiled, the dumplings rolled, and the warm taste came out. Plates of steaming dumplings were the greatest warmth of the winter solstice.

When the dumplings are eaten, laughter flowed out. In Jie Ai, there are dumplings and they are more warm. Finally, I wish you all a happy winter solstice and remember to eat dumplings or glutinous rice balls~
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