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Make renovation of old walls so easy

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Author : jit
Update time : 2020-10-30 10:06:12
Renovating old walls is very laborious
       We all say that wrinkles will reveal the age of a woman, and the age of the wall will also reveal the age of the house. After living in a house for a long time, the walls will increasingly encounter many aging phenomena, such as moldy, swelling, peeling, and even wall cracks.


When the old house was rebuilt, the most troublesome thing was the original design of the house. I believe the only problem is the old wall renovation. After years of baptism, many of the latex paint and other viscous objects used in the previous decoration have been completely attached to the wall. If you want to renovate the old wall, removing them is really one of the things most decoration workers don't want to do. I feel that shoveling off the old wall takes time and effort.

Moisture is the main culprit for wall moldy. Therefore, moisture-proof treatment must be done on the wall in humid climates, especially the walls in bathrooms and kitchens. How should we renovate the walls of our old house at this time?

JIT Tile Backer Board helps you solve problems!
JIT Tile Backer Board is a 100% waterproof, ultra-light and durable backing board. It can replace traditional gypsum board, fiber cement board, calcium silicate board and other types of construction boards in wet areas or bathrooms. JIT Tile Backer Board is easy to install On the wall and floor, the surface layer can be painted with white cement, primer, latex paint and other surface layers. It is also the most ideal substrate for various types of tiles and stones, which can help you complete your work quickly and effectively.
JIT Tile Backer Board has waterproof characteristics and excellent adhesive performance of glue layer. For wall reconstruction with flat walls, we generally choose JIT Tile Backer Board with a thickness of 6mm/10/12mm for paving. During the construction, first confirm whether the flatness of the masonry base layer meets the requirements. If the flatness is high, spray foam adhesive glue directly on the JIT Tile Backer Board, and fix the board on the wall with expansion and self-tapping nails. The rough wall can be fixed with a 6mm serrated scraper to apply the adhesive mortar layer.
Use self-adhesive mesh cloth to reinforce the gaps in the board to prevent cracking. When waterproofing is required, seal the gaps with sealant or waterproof coating. After the JIT Tile Backer Board is laid, the surface layer can be tiled with structural adhesive or tile adhesive glue, or you can directly apply surface materials such as putty and latex paint on the surface of the JIT Tile Backer Board.


You also can do it !

When refurbishing old houses or remodeling walls, old masonry walls with poor surface flatness are often encountered. JIT Tile Backer Board of 20mm and 30mm thickness are usually used, which can quickly deal with this kind of wall surface. Before construction, large protrusions on the wall are removed, and the obvious recesses are filled with mortar. Due to the poor flatness of the old wall, You can use a large mass of mortar to find points on the JIT Tile Backer Board, arranged in a plum blossom shape, with a point spacing of 40~60mm, pave the JIT Tile Backer Board on the wall, use anchors to fix the ruler for leveling, and use self-adhesive nets for the gaps in the board. Checkered cloth and sealant prevent cracking and water leakage, and the surface material construction can be carried out after the paving is completed.
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