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Where can JIT Tile Backer Board be used?

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Update time : 2023-08-08 14:18:31

JIT Tile Backer Board is a popular waterproof tile backer board which is designed for use in areas where moisture resistance and waterproofing are essential. Here are the common applications.

JIT Tile Backer Board: JIT Tile Backer Board is a foam-based waterproof tile backer board that is particularly well-suited for creating custom installations in wet areas. It can be used in various applications, including:

  1. Showers and Wet Areas: JIT Tile Backer Board is commonly used to create waterproof and moisture-resistant shower walls, shower benches, niches, and curbs. Its lightweight nature and ease of customization make it ideal for creating intricate designs.

  2. Steam Rooms: Due to its waterproof properties and insulation capabilities, JIT Tile Backer Board can also be used in steam rooms to create benches, seating areas, and steam room surfaces.

  3. Bathrooms: It can be used as a substrate for tile installations on bathroom walls and floors, especially in areas exposed to moisture.

  4. Kitchen Backsplashes: JIT Tile Backer Board can be used as a waterproof backing for kitchen backsplashes, ensuring that the area behind the tiles is protected from moisture.

  5. Tub Surrounds: It's suitable for creating tub surrounds that are resistant to water and moisture.

  6. Exterior Applications: In some cases, JIT Tile Backer Board can also be used in exterior applications where waterproofing and durability are required.

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