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Tile Backer Board

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JIT tile backer board is the all-in-one solution for waterproofing, insulating and drylining. It is lightweight,easy to cut to size and can be applied to floors, walls and ceilings as a surface ready for tiles.
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JIT Board is made of 100% waterproof XPS foam CFC-free core,reinforced with fifibreglass mesh on both sides,coated with modifified polymer motar at multipul thickness and sizes to provide excellent insulation, superior strength and bonding surface for your tile, stone, glass or mosaics.

JIT Tile Backer Board is the innovative alternatives to traditional cement backers.Its HCFC-FREE waterproof  XPS core, fifiberglass reinforced and cement coating gives the panels strength and vapor-retardant,making JIT panels are perfect choice for a variety of interior and exterior applications,such as the interlayer to walls or flfloors and thermal insulation board in underflfloor heating systems.

--100% waterproof, made of HCFC-FREE XPS foam
--High-rigidity and durability
--Close bond to any tiling walls or flfloors
--Available at various thickness and sizes
--Compatibility to multiple substructures
--Thermal insulation for saving energy bills
--Vapor retardant against mildew
--Light-weight, easy to handle and cut with utility knife


JIT New Material Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2009, has been the Chinese leading manufacturer and innovator of thermal insulation and waterproof industry. JIT offers architects, builders , and tile contractors a durable, lightweight, waterproof and vapor-retardant tile backer boards for wet room and underfloor heating system. With its timely delivery, high-quality product , JIT has got global reputation , we thank you for considering JIT products for interior project and renovation.

Tile Backer Board


The video describes how to install tile backer board in various places.


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