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JIT toilet board-special partition board for wall-mounted toilet false wall

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Update time : 2020-10-14 11:11:29
What is a wall-mounted toilet?

The wall-mounted toilet is a unique toilet. The bottom does not touch the ground and is easy to clean. Second, compared with floor-standing toilets, wall-mounted toilets save more space. Third, the wall-mounted toilet and the concealed water tank can change the position of the toilet in the bathroom and make the space use more flexible.

The concealed water tank is a necessary element for wall-mounted toilet installation, and is used to support and fix the toilet. However, the production of decorative false walls at the base of the water tank tiling bricks has also become an important part of the bathroom aesthetics.
At present, the traditional manufacturing process of false wall adopts:
1. Moisture-proof gypsum board/cement pressure board/calcium silicate board+hanging wire mesh+plastering+painting waterproof
2. Gray brick + hanging wire mesh + plastering + brushing waterproof
3. Red brick + hanging grid cloth + plastering + painting waterproof

The traditional false wall installation process is very complicated, and the raw materials used are not expensive, but the total cost of the multiple processes has become very expensive. Now with the Jieai toilet board, everything becomes simple and all installation steps are completed at once. A piece of Jieai toilet board can complete a separate toilet support package, build the light steel keel of the whole wall, and cooperate with the 2cm Jieai plate to complete a complete false wall base construction work, or you can use Jieai's prefabricated wall The niche is embedded in the false wall to make the space layout of the bathroom look better.


JIT toilet board features
1. The core material of the toilet board is XPS made of polystyrene particles through closed-cell foaming. The surface layer is attached with alkali-resistant mesh cloth and polymer mortar, which is fully compatible with tile adhesives, and the board surface is flat and can replace mortar quickly. Flat, realize fast tiling without waiting.
2. Jieai products are non-absorbent materials, which are waterproof, high pressure resistance, anti-bacterial, mildew, insulation and heat resistance, etc., do not need to worry about damp deformation, cold and heat expansion like other materials, super stability to avoid later Common problems such as failure of construction tiles.
3. Easy to operate, 60~80% lighter than traditional building boards, easy to handle, and a utility knife can easily cut shapes, avoiding dust flying during the cutting process.

4. The thickness of the toilet board is only 2cm, which can avoid the occupation of space, and the simple operation process can greatly shorten the construction time.
5. The hidden water tank and the sewer pipe are wrapped together and enclosed in the Jieai toilet board, so the airtightness is very good, and the sound of water flow is basically inaudible, so for friends with light sleep, there is no need to worry about noise at night.
6. At the same time, the toilet board can be integrated in the toilet layout, which gives people the impression that it is very clean, simple and generous.

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