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JIT factory in The Guangzhou International Housing Expo

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Update time : 2023-08-25 16:36:46
On August 16, 2023 the 15th China (Guangzhou) International Integrated Housing Industry Expo and Building Industrialization Products and Equipment Exhibition (referred to as: Guangzhou International Housing Expo) in Guangzhou Canton Fair Hall Area A successfully concluded.
With the theme of "Green Assembly Wisdom for the Future", this exhibition is a professional event in the field of international prefabricated buildings that focuses on "double carbon" and helps the comprehensive green transformation of the construction industry.

▲JIT Booth
JIT (Anhui JIT New Material Co., LTD.), as a manufacturer of high-performance building products to the world, was invited to participate in this exhibition. During the exhibition, JIT exhibition hall visitors in an endless stream.
Buyers, engineers, builders, decoration companies, designers, construction parties and other key concerns and cooperation negotiations, fully demonstrate the industry leading position and brand influence of JIT tile backer board.

▲JIT Booth

JIT factory focus on the industry to develop a green and low-carbon future

With the advent of the era of building industrialization, focusing on prefabricated buildings, the transformation and upgrading to green, intelligent and industrialized has become the consensus of the transformation of the construction industry.
JIT tile backer board focuses on the development opportunities of the industry, fully demonstrating its innovation and application strength in the field of green prefabricated building materials. With scientific and technological innovation as the lead, JIT tile backer board promotes the performance iteration of the world's building decoration board products, and creates a new blue ocean of high-performance and low-carbon building board applications.

▲JIT Booth
Next, JIT factory will continue to increase the application of research and development of new technologies and new products in the construction industry, and provide innovative solutions for the transformation and upgrading of construction materials.

▲JIT Booth
At present, the national "double carbon" strategy continues to advance, under the "double carbon" goal, the low-carbon development of the building materials industry has been the general trend. Green and low-carbon, energy saving first. As a large energy consumer, the construction industry is facing the challenge of low-carbon and zero-carbon goals, but also brings new opportunities for the development of ultra-low energy consumption buildings in China.
JIT tile backer board is a low energy consumption, low carbon new building board. JIT tile backer board not only plays a role in thermal insulation of buildings, but also green environmental protection, not harmful to the human body and not polluting the environment, creating a green and healthy living environment.

A "new" house made of JIT tile backer board

Whole house application scenario solution

▲Villa whole house JIT tile backer board application
The wonderful appearance of the new exhibition sample of JIT tile backer board, Focus on the exhibition of "JIT prefabricated shower room", "JIT prefabricated toilet", "JIT decoration base of indoor space", "JIT prefabricated partition wall", "JIT Villa basement moisture-proof and mildew proof", "JIT to create any shape base", "JIT outdoor wall base", "JIT roof insulation" and "JIT outdoor floor tiles to prevent freezing and thawing cracking" and other new materials of JIT Innovation results, cooperation projects and application cases of system application solutions.

▲JIT prefabricated shower room


▲JIT JA74L shower system

▲JIT JA74 shower system

▲Waterproofing box which is made of JIT tile backer board

During the exhibition, in addition to interactive exhibition and experience sharing. JIT specially introduces the innovative application of green prefabricated shower room and housing and steel structure building for the majority of customers.
Take "JIT prefabricated shower room" as an example, mainly with light steel keel, JIT tile backer board and rock board to do the prefabricated shower room: With light steel keel as the support, the JIT tile backer board is used as the structural layer and the laying layer at the same time, and it is fixed on the keel with anchorage parts, and then the gap between the JIT tile backer board is waterproof and sealed with JIT P8 glue, self-adhesive mesh cloth and JIT 520 waterproof rubber film (among them, the anchor parts should also be waterproof and sealed: As long as JIT P8 glue and JIT 520 waterproof rubber film), you can immediately thin paste the rock board.
As mentioned above, the assembled shower room is one of the most widely used products at present: the use of new materials and new processes of JIT, as well as the green and environmental protection of JIT tile backer board, waterproof and moisture-proof, thermal insulation, weather resistance and moth-proof, convenient installation and other superior performance.
To solve the pain points of traditional decoration materials, construction period and decoration process efficiently with system scheme and comprehensive cost advantage. It effectively avoids problems such as long construction period, delayed completion, water leakage of shower room toilet, tile empty drum and various complex space modeling difficulties.
JIT tile backer board has many functions

During the exhibition, the on-site staff introduced the product performance advantages and characteristics of JIT tile backer board in detail for customers, and gave professional answers and recommendations in the face of customers' differentiated needs.

▲JIT booth
JIT tile backer board is a new multi-functional decoration board, according to the purpose of construction, applied to all kinds of decoration space (such as the ground, walls, ceilings, countertops, external walls, etc.). It has waterproof, heat preservation, heat insulation, moisture proof, corrosion prevention, sound insulation performance, and is also an ideal base for plastering and tiling.
JIT tile backer board is light, easy to cut and shape, and the construction is simple. JIT tile backer board integrates many functions: replacing tile leveling layer, avoiding mold breeding, moisture-proof anti-corrosion, decoupling anti-cracking, green environmental protection, heat insulation and insulation, is a real multi-functional building board.

▲JIT booth
JIT tile backer board can be used for all kinds of material wall, such as keel, concrete, brick masonry and so on. According to the different purpose of construction, it can be used as a wall waterproof layer, thermal insulation layer, moisture-proof layer and sound insulation layer. Among them, JIT tile backer board with a thickness of more than 80mm can be used as an independent wall, which is often used for the installation of bathroom partition or half-height partition wall.
6mm JIT tile backer board is used in the keel background wall wood board or OSB board as the base to provide rock slab paving base; 12mm JIT tile backer board used in keel spacing in 30-40 keel or leveling very good wall; 20mm JIT tile backer board is used on the keel with a keel spacing of 60 or the concrete wall with poor leveling, and the back can be self-leveling with mud ball and anchor; 20mm JIT tile backer board can also be used in the packaging tube, wall toilet board, stair steps of the rock slab paving base. 30mm JIT tile backer board is used in the basement or wall with insulation requirements; 40mm JIT tile backer board is used for insulation and waterproof on the roof; 50mm JIT tile backer board can be used separately for the partition wall of the top and the bottom; Thicker tile backer board can be molded and embedded.

▲JIT booth
JIT tile backer board has advanced stable structure, light weight and high strength, its core material density does not exceed 40kg/ cubic case, compressive strength can reach 350Kpa or more. Used in buildings, it can provide good impact resistance.
Because of its tight closed cell structure can effectively prevent the penetration of water molecules, foam structure is stable, the core material itself molecular chain is not easy to decompose, chemical properties are stable, so the general foam material is easy to age after several years of use, and JIT tile backer board has excellent corrosion resistance, even under high water vapor pressure, it can still maintain its performance, and the service life is 30-40 years. Its waterproof properties are ideal for wet areas such as bathrooms, spas, basements......
▲JIT booth
The Guangzhou International Housing Expo has been successfully concluded, not only is the industry's annual classic event, but also an important bridge to promote the innovation and development of the industry. In this exhibition, JIT factory showed the company's brand and products, deepened the communication with domestic and international customers, and promoted the deep cultivation of the market. Let us build a "green" era together, create wonderful wisdom, win-win future!
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